Netflix comedy specials are coming to SiriusXM on April 15th

'Netflix Is a Joke' Radio is the company's first partnership with another subscription service.

The idea of Netflix teaming up with another streaming service was laughable until now. Netflix announced today that it is partnering with SiriusXM to create a 24/7 streaming radio channel that will feature clips from Netflix stand up specials. "Netflix is a Joke" Radio, first promised last year, will launch for SiriusXM's XM Select and XM All Access subscribers starting April 15th. The streaming-only station will be available through the SiriusXM app, online and in vehicles with SiriusXM 360L radio.

The channel will highlight sets from Netflix's deep pool of stand-up specials, which includes content from John Mulaney, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and tons of others (including more controversial figures like Louis CK and Aziz Ansari). Clips from other Netflix comedy programming, such as David Letterman's talk show, will also play on SiriusXM. Netflix plans to use the channel to debut bits from upcoming specials that will be available on the streaming video service. The company also plans to create original content, including a daily show that will feature celebrities and comedians discussing hot topics.