BBC Music is available in the US, but only on the web

Watch performances by Ariana Grande and Jay-Z previously limited to the UK.

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Richard Martin-Roberts via Getty Images
Richard Martin-Roberts via Getty Images

The BBC is finally sharing its BBC Music site with audiences in the US. As of today, its trove of music reporting -- across radio, TV and the web -- as well as artist performances from Radio 1's Live Lounge are available stateside. That includes clips of Ariana Grande, Jay-Z, Taylor Swift and the Foo Fighters that were previously restricted to the UK.

BBC Music will soon add content produced in the US, too. "There's a huge amount of great music being produced in the US right now, and we're excited to help connect those artists to our vast, music-hungry audience," said Simon Frantz, the BBC's US features managing editor. The BBC Music app, which launched in the UK in 2016, is still unavailable in the US. This means you'll have access BBC Music on for now, and with any luck, this is a sign we'll see the app in the US before too long.

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