Leak shows Microsoft's 'All Digital' Xbox One S

It might save you quite a bit of cash.

Yes, that disc-free Xbox One appears to be real. WinFuture has obtained images it says show off the Xbox One S All Digital, not to mention some extra details. The console's design is exactly what you'd expect -- surprise, it's an Xbox One S without a Blu-ray drive -- but it really is what's inside that counts. The system would carry a 1TB hard drive and (at least in Europe) ship with preinstalled copies of Forza Horizon 3, Minecraft and Sea of Thieves to get players started.

The All Digital system could be unveiled as soon as April 16th and would reach Europe by May 7th. If accurate, we'd expect a similar time frame for other countries. However, it wouldn't be quite as much of a bargain as the initial rumors suggested. This version would sell for €230, or about $260. While we wouldn't be surprised if pricing changes for elsewhere in the world, that could represent a significant discount over the standard One S' pricing (before discounts, that is) even if you don't factor in the games.

That kind of savings would make sense. The Xbox One S All Digital is believed to represent an experiment of sorts as Microsoft prepares for the next-generation Xbox line. If it succeeds, Microsoft may be more willing to embrace the no-disc strategy going forward.