Lyft offers free bikeshare trips on Earth Day

You’ll need your network's app and the promo code EARTHDAY19.

While you might still think of Lyft primarily as a ridesharing company, it also has the largest bike-sharing network in the country -- thanks to its Motivate acquisition last summer. To celebrate Earth Day and promote its carbon-free transport, the company is offering free bikeshare rides on Monday, April 22. You'll be able to hop on a free bike in New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Columbus, OH and Portland, OR. But each city will handle the promotion slightly differently, so check in with your local network before you plan to ride.

In New York City and Washington, DC, riders will get a day of unlimited 30-minute trips. In other cities, you'll get either a single ride or an unrestricted day pass. Of course, if biking isn't your think, you can request a shared Lyft ride to cut down on emissions and save a little money.