Penske debuts fast charging stations for electric delivery trucks

They’re the first high-speed charging stations for heavy duty commercial EVs.

Today, Penske Truck Leasing opened 14 DC fast charging stations at four facilities in Southern California. According to the company, they're the first high-speed charging stations specifically designed for heavy duty, commercial electric vehicles in the US. And they'll be used to charge semi trucks, like the Daimler Freightliners that Penske has been testing.

For the most part, electric vehicle discussions center around passenger vehicles, but companies like Tesla, Daimler and Cummins are working to electrify larger trucks, like big rigs. One of the pressing questions is how those companies will handle charging. Some have speculated that Tesla's first fleet will rely on customers like Pepsi and UPS to build on-site chargers. Networks of high-speed charging stations, like Penske's, could help speed up the adoption of electric semis.