Apple Aperture won't run in macOS after Mojave

You'll have to turn to apps like Lightroom instead.

You'll need a backup plan if you've been hanging on to Aperture years after its retirement. Apple has warned that its pro photo editing tool won't run in versions of macOS released after Mojave (that is, the upcoming 2019 release and beyond). If you want to access your Aperture libraries beyond that, you'll have to migrate them to either Photos or Adobe's Lightroom Classic. This isn't a total shock when Apple hasn't updated the software for five years (and hasn't even offered downloads in four years), but it could prove a headache if you've been deeply attached to Aperture's methods.

While albums, labels and the images themselves will make the cut, they won't always have one-for-one equivalents. Color labels may pop up as keywords or tags, for example. Aperture's non-destructive editing also won't carry over properly -- the Photos app will preserve the changes, but you can't tweak them short of reverting to the original image. You'll have to remember these changes if you're digging through your existing library, and you'll certainly have to rethink your workflow for future photo shoots.