Instagram is testing more tools to combat bullying

It will nudge aggressive commenters and offer an away mode for sensitive times.

At the F8 conference today, Facebook announced it's working on more tools to stop and prevent bullying. The changes will include things like nudges -- if you make an aggressive comment, Instagram will warn you to tone it down a bit. The platform will also offer a new away mode, which users can opt into when they're going through a sensitive time -- possibly a breakup or a transition to a new school.

The tools are part of Facebook's overall mission to make its platforms safer, and therefore, more inviting. This isn't the first time Instagram has targeted bullying. Past attempts have included filtering out harassing comments and using machine learning to spot bullying in photos. This is an ongoing battle, and Instagram's Adam Moserri said it will likely take years to deploy all of the tools the company has in mind.