Google will let you play simple games on smart displays

Developers can start building them as of today.

Starting today, developers will be able to create games for Google's smart displays. Google is opening up access to a Google Assistant-based framework called Interactive Canvas, which will allow them to build full-screen apps (or Actions) on smart displays that bring together touchscreen inputs, voice and visuals. For the time being, games are the only type of Actions they can create for smart displays using Canvas, with more categories coming soon.

HQ University (a version of HQ Trivia that was already available through Assistant) was given as an example of the type of game you'll be able to play, along with Jungle Dream, an interactive word game. You probably shouldn't expect AAA blockbuster games here, as Canvas uses open web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, so these Actions seem likely to be akin to web apps. However, it certainly seems you'll have more options for things to do with your Nest display in the not-too-distant future.

HQ Assistant on Google Nest Hub