Owlcam will bundle 911 Assist with its security dashcam

It'll now be part of a $99-a-year 4G LTE service.
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|05.14.19

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Last year, Owlcam debuted its first cloud-connected dashcam. It was unique because not only did it record your trips, but it also doubled as a real-time security camera for your vehicle. The cost of the Owlcam was $349, and that includes a one-year trial of 4G LTE service, which then costs $99 a year (or $9.99 a month) thereafter. Last December, Owlcam introduced a 911 Assist feature that would call for assistance whenever your car got in a crash. It used to cost an additional $79 a year, but starting today, 911 Assist will now be a part of the standard 4G LTE $99-a-year package.

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As we wrote about last year, the Owlcam acts very similar to a Nest or Ring camera. You can view live feeds of what's going on in your car as well as what's in front of it (there are two cameras) and it'll send an alert to your phone if it detects something suspicious. Moreover, if you get into a fender bender or a crash, a video is instantly sent to your phone, which you can use as evidence for the authorities or the insurance company. The addition of the 911 Assist service means a live operator will call you after the crash, to make sure you're ok.

According to Owlcam, more than 25,000 devices were sold in just the past year, making it one of the fastest-selling connected camera companies. In addition to the 911 Assist bundling, Owlcam also announced that its camera will be sold at all Best Buy locations. You can also buy it on Amazon or Owlcam's own website.

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Owlcam will bundle 911 Assist with its security dashcam