Sound off on the OnePlus 6T!

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It's been six months since OnePlus released the 6T with an unusual dewdrop notch and in-display fingerprint reader. As the first OnePlus phone to get a US carrier deal (through T-Mobile), the 6T was met with mostly positive reviews. Engadget senior editor Richard Lai even called it a "no brainer for those seeking a stylish flagship Android phone." Despite lacking a headphone jack and being saddled with a slow fingerprint reader, the smartphone's exceptional camera, long-lasting battery and AMOLED screen performed well enough for Richard to award it a solid score of 89.

Now that the OnePlus 7 has made its big debut, we wanted to give all you 6T owners the opportunity to brag about your handset of choice. Were you also impressed by the camera? Were the haptic vibrations strong enough for you? How many hours of battery life were you able to squeeze out of it? Head over to our product page for the OnePlus 6T and tell us why you are (or aren't) a fan of this phone. We'll publish quotes from the best reviews in an upcoming roundup story, so feel free to go into detail!

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