Ubisoft delays 'Skull and Bones' until at least mid-2020

It's set to arrive sometime after March 2020.

We hope you didn't base your gaming calendar around Skull and Bones, the other multiplayer-focused pirate title. Ubisoft has revealed that the game has been delayed again, this time until sometime after the company's fiscal 2019-2020 (that is, after March 2020). The game won't be showed at E3 2019, either. The company didn't go into great detail explaining the move, although producer Karl Luhe noted in an explanatory video that the team was focused on "quality first."

That's a long time to wait for a game that was first unveiled in 2017. This latest delay might be easier to understand than the last, however. Ubisoft's main competitor, Sea of Thieves, struggled in part because there wasn't much to do at first -- it took months of updates before the game had a lot of variety for digital swashbucklers. The additional time might ensure that Skull and Bones has a smoother start and lives up to its potential relatively quickly.