Focals smart glasses put Google Fit data on your face

Now your glasses can track your workout or launch a presentation.

North's Focals smart glasses can put important data in your eyeline from the gym to the board room. The glasses can sync with Google Fit and Google Slides as a part of recent software updates announced by the company.

With Google Fit integration, users will now be able to see activity metrics right on the smart glass lenses. In order to sync your smart glasses with Google Fit, simply download the app from the iOS App or Google Play store. You can then select "Abilities" on your Focals app and sign-on to Google Fit. You'll be able to see both daily and weekly progress graphs, including Move Minutes and Heart Points, which are Google's metrics for tracking vigorous and moderate activity.

The Google Slides integration is no doubt a futuristic perk for those whose jobs force them to give presentations on the regular. You can view any speaker notes through the smart glasses and move between slides using the control ring. Users only have to download the Focals Connect Chrome Extension, and they'll be good to go.

And for Android users only, the glasses will now track screen time and digital health. Users will be able to see how much time they've spent wearing the smartglasses per day, and as a result, how much screentime they've saved. Though swapping one device out for another seems to defeat the entire purpose of such digital health metrics.

Back when the Focals smart glasses first launched last year, we applauded its slick look but questioned its practicality. Given that Google Fit and Google Slides can sync with your smartwatch and smartphone, one has to question whether integrating these apps with your smartglasses will bring much utility -- if any -- to your daily life.