Tesla starts locking down features on entry-level Model 3

Early owners have enjoyed upgraded features.

Tesla's entry-level Model 3 has been available to order for a while (lately in limited form), but early buyers have technically been getting more -- without the promised software lock, drivers were effectively getting the upgraded Standard Range Plus car. Unfortunately for them, the party appears to be over. Electrek has learned that Tesla is starting to sell Standard Range cars with the features locked down. Reader Marc Bunton noted that his new Model 3 came with a 220-mile max range, no Autopilot, no live maps, no fog lights and limited seat heating.

It's not certain if or when Tesla will lock down features on already-sold Standard Range cars that have Plus features turned on. We've asked Tesla if it can comment.

A delay in implementing the software lock wouldn't be surprising. Tesla is still focused on delivering as many Model 3s as it can, and its software team has plenty on its plate with Autopilot upgrades -- limiting car features isn't high on the to-do list. This might also entice Standard Range buyers to pay for a Plus upgrade once they've gotten used to its creature comforts. Whatever prompted the wait, this is a rather unique situation when most automakers can't (or simply won't) change what you get once a vehicle leaves the factory.