Microsoft's latest IntelliMouse revival is a pro model for gamers

A more powerful, adjustable sensor is the highlight.

If you pine for the nostalgia of Microsoft's revived IntelliMouse but want the performance of a thoroughly modern gaming mouse, you're in luck. After months of availability in China, Microsoft has released the gaming-oriented Pro IntelliMouse in the US. It's mostly similar on the outside (more on that in a bit) but touts a much more powerful 16,000DPI sensor with a 12,000FPS refresh rate. You should have more precise aiming than with its 3,200DPI predecessor, then. You can also customize three of the five buttons, although no one's going to mistake this for an esports-ready mouse with loads of options.

The external changes are largely subtle. There's a more textured finish and a braided cable. The most conspicuous change is a multi-colored light on the back that you can change to match your gaming setup -- it's clearly a product of this decade. You'll have to pay $60 for the Pro, or $20 more than its plainer counterpart, but that could be justifiable if you want a blast from the past that's still reasonably future-proof.