All you need to control your Mac or iOS device is your voice

The latest accessibility tool.

Accessibility has become a popular avenue for tech companies lately, and today Apple revealed its latest push: Voice Control. With macOS Catalina and iOS 13, you'll be able to control your devices completely with your voice. At WWDC, Apple showed that this can be used to do things like launch apps and select emoji thanks to a system of labels and grids. You can also ask it to simulate actions like a long press or access things typically done with swipe or gesture -- like the app switcher. Most importantly, the company says your voice is processed on the device. Nothing is sent to, or stored by, Apple.

To do this, Apple employs on-device Siri speech recognition tech. It not only accepts your spoken cues, but also helps keep everything secure. Voice Control wasn't covered in too much detail during the keynote, but you can expect to hear more as we approach the next macOS and iOS launches this fall.