'Persona 5 Royal' trailer offers a peek at the expanded story

You can see the places, characters and abilities coming to the RPG.

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Now that Persona 5 Royal is on the way to the Americas and Europe, Atlus is ready to give those audiences a taste of what to expect. It's offering an English-language trailer that highlights the new places, story scenes, abilities and characters, including the newly playable Kasumi Yoshizawa. In true Persona fashion, you can expect a lot of hyper-stylish action, world-changing events and personal drama.

The game is due to reach western audiences in 2020, although the Japanese get first crack on October 31st. This probably isn't the best introduction to the Persona universe -- it's more for fans who either haven't tried Persona 5 yet or insist on exploring every last nook and cranny of the game's universe. If those aren't issues, though, Royal looks promising.

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