Samsung unveils its first gaming monitor with NVIDIA's G-Sync

The CRG5 delivers tear-free (and curved) visuals.

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Samsung is no stranger to gaming monitors, but you've had to use AMD FreeSync (if it was even available) if you were determined to eliminate any trace of screen tearing artifacts. What if your PC uses NVIDIA graphics, though? You can relax -- Samsung has finally released a display with G-Sync, the 27-inch CRG5. The panel mates G-Sync with a 240Hz refresh rate to deliver tear-free visuals as long as you have a GeForce GPU under the hood. There's a low-latency mode and a reasonably quick 4ms gray-to-gray pixel response time, too, so it could be a solid pick even if you prefer Radeons.

Don't expect awe-inspiring specs beyond that. The CRG5 is a curved, 1080p display with a VA panel (that is, don't expect IPS-level colors), a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and fairly standard ports that include two HDMI connectors, DisplayPort and USB-A. Really, this is all about gaming performance -- everything else is secondary.

You won't have to wait long to get it, at any rate. Samsung expects to ship the monitor in July for $400. It's not the most affordable display, then, although it's one of the minority of G-Sync displays to use a VA panel and come in under 30 inches. It might just scratch your itch if you'd like something better than TN but don't want something that swallows all your valuable desk space.

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