Google takes you inside Anne Frank's childhood home with Street View

An online exhibit includes the only known video of the World War II diarist.

June 12th is the 90th birthday of Anne Frank, and to mark the occasion, Google is letting you step inside the childhood home of the diarist. A virtual exhibit in the Arts & Culture app and website takes you inside Merwedeplein 37-2 in Amsterdam. You can also explore the space through an indoor version of Street View. All the 1930s-styled rooms of the home, which is now a temporary home and work space for refugee writers that's closed to the public, are viewable.

Google worked with the Anne Frank House non-profit on the project, which includes the only video known to exist of Frank (captured by chance as she looked out of her window at newlyweds), along with the only known photo of her parents and sister. It also includes documents and insights from people who knew her, as well as details about her legacy and the publication of her famed diary.