Literacy app taps Marvel comics to teach kids to read

‘Marvel Hero Tales’ ties heroes like Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel into reading-based activities.

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Kuato Studios
Kuato Studios

Big Tech companies like Google and Amazon aren't the only ones invested in app-based literacy programs. Today, Kuato Studios unveiled a new learn-to-read app built around familiar Marvel stories. Marvel Hero Tales is an educational storytelling app meant to boost language and reading skills for kids ages seven to 11. It features Marvel-themed reading-based activities and superheroes like Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel -- plus new heroes every month. And it lets kids create their own characters and narratives.

Kuato Studios worked with researchers from the University of Portland Oregon, as well as teachers and schools in the UK to develop the vocabulary content for the app. They mapped levels to US and UK literary grade standards, so the storylines adapt to users' ages. As kids complete activities, they'll advance to more difficult content.

The app could go over well with young Marvel fans. "My hope is that Marvel Hero Tales will inspire a new generation of Marvel readers and storytellers," said Kuato CEO Mark Horneff. Older fans might be happy to hear that Marvel and Dreamscape Media plan to turn dozens of Marvel comics into audiobooks. Of course, if your young reader isn't a fan of Marvel, there are other digital options -- like the Pokémon manga e-books now available in schools and libraries worldwide.

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