Google's new Chrome extension makes it easy to report suspicious sites

Chrome 75 will now also let you know if you're loading a website with a deceptive URL.

Google's Safe Browsing feature will only work if it knows what websites to protect you against, which is why the tech giant is encouraging users to report suspicious sites. The company has launched a new Chrome extension called Suspicious Site Reporter, which gives you a quick way to let Google know if a website looks, well, suspicious. It adds a flag right next to your other extensions that turns orange if it finds anything dubious about the page you're visiting.

Sometimes the things it considers questionable are as trivial as the website not belonging in the top 5,000. But if it does find something truly unsavory, you can easily notify Google by clicking the Send Report button, which will send the company that website's URL, a screenshot of it and all the site's HTML. In the tech giant's announcement, it said the extension is for "power users" -- presumably, that means system administrators -- but we were able to access it and send a report just fine.


In addition, Google is rolling out a new feature for Chrome 75 that can prevent you from loading deceptive websites. If you attempt to load instead of, for instance, the browser will issue a full page warning. It will ask if the legit website is the one you actually want to go to, because you don't usually visit the one you're loading.