Comcast is bringing Amazon Music to Xfinity X1 and Flex

It says it's the first time the music service is available via a pay-TV provider.

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Amazon Music might be coming to a TV near you soon. Comcast is bringing the music streaming service to Xfinity X1 over the next few weeks. It says it's the first time you'll be able to access Amazon Music on a TV via a pay-TV provider. You can say "Amazon Music" into the remote to access the service's library and playlists, or find it in the Apps section of the system.

Comcast also says Amazon Music is now accessible on Xfinity Flex, its streaming TV product. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you can choose from more than two million songs and thousands of playlists at no extra charge, while Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers have access to more than 50 million tunes. In any case, this could be a useful way to play Amazon Music through your display and your home theater system, particularly if they aren't compatible with Alexa.

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