New York City is the first new 'Hitman 2' location

It introduces some much-needed variety.

Hitman 2 has had the same locations since launch -- you could take on new targets, of course, but the missions always had to take place in the same environments. You'll have some variety very shortly, though. IO is giving Expansion Pass holders "The Bank," a new sandbox location set in New York City. The core mission has you taking out the cutthroat banker Athena Savalas, and will unsurprisingly involve slipping through tight security. You'll also have access to the more flexible Contracts Mode from the outset.

You'll also find a new shotgun and an outfit for Agent 47, both of which can be used in other locales.

The expansion premieres June 25th on PCs and consoles. You can add it to the core game through the $40 Expansion Pass, while newcomers can buy a $100 Hitman 2 Gold Edition that includes the pass as a matter of course. It's not a small investment, but you're also getting a new playground in a game that thrives on replayability. This one map could keep you busy for a long, long time, especially if you're determined to master every last aspect of the mission.