KitchenAid’s $3,199 SmartOven+ connects to Google Home and Alexa

The baking stone attachment will alert you when your baked goods are finished.

KitchenAid's water- and sauce-resistant Smart Display got most of the attention at CES 2019, but the company also announced a smart oven, which it promised would come with powered grilling, steaming and baking stone attachments. Now, the SmartOven+ is ready. You can purchase the single configuration for $3,199 or the double for $4,799; a combo set-up will arrive later this year. As for the attachments, the powered grill add-on ships with the oven, but you'll have to order the others separately.

As we learned this winter, the SmartOven+ has a 4.5-inch LCD display and an app that lets you control the oven and its attachments. You'll be able to adjust the steamer via the oven's display, and you can enable alerts to let you know when your baked goods are perfectly crisped. In the US, the SmartOven+ is compatible with Google Home and Alexa, and users can receive alerts from their Nest thermostat app if they leave the oven on unintentionally. While the smart kitchen revolution has been a slow one, KitchenAid and its parent company Whirlpool are at the forefront. Next, we'll see if KitchenAid follows Whirlpool's lead and adds smart watch compatibility or augmented reality features.

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