StubHub's ticket loyalty program offers VIP access

You'll have to be a big spender to get in at first, though.

Do you spend a fortune on StubHub tickets? To the point where you could buy a decent used car instead? StubHub is ready to spoil you. The ticket exchange has launched a Beyond loyalty program that gives its biggest customers some equally large perks. For one, you get VIP access to special events and early promotions, such as a private tour of Yankee Stadium on June 27th. You'll also have access to a "premier" support tier with fast turnaround times and veteran agents. There's even a once-per-year option for a no-questions-asked refund -- if a flight delay prevents you from seeing a can't-miss football game, you'll get your money back no matter what.

You will have to be one of StubHub's most lavish spenders to qualify, though. The initial form of Beyond auto-enrolls US customers who've spent at least $10,000 in tickets over the past 12 months -- this is for the kind of person who insists on the best seats and always has the money to make it happen. The program will roll out "globally" over time, but we wouldn't count on this being available to people with more modest entertainment budgets.