'Dr. Mario World' hits iOS and Android a day early (updated)

See what the good doctor is prescribing.

The doctor is in. Nintendo's latest mobile game, Dr. Mario World, has arrived a day early on iOS and Android. Several Engadget editors were able to play Nintendo's match-three puzzler before the expected launch date of July 10th. The new mobile title hit iOS early today before it became available on Android as well.

It's becoming a bit of a trend that mobile games drop a day or so earlier than expected. We saw the same thing happen with Niantic's Harry Potter: Wizards Unite a couple of weeks back. Pushing out mobile titles a little ahead of schedule helps developers and publishers avoid a sudden, massive impact on their servers that might disrupt the player experience. Nevertheless, everyone will surely be glad to start playing Dr. Mario World early.

Update 7/9/18 12:56PM ET: This post has been updated to reflect that Dr. Mario World is now available on Android as well.

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