Logitech's G Pro X headset helps you sound like a pro streamer

Tune your voice so it's crystal clear.

After teasing it earlier this week, Logitech has now revealed its new gaming headset, designed to help you sound like a professional streamer. The G Pro X marks the debut of Blue VO!CE software, which includes a suite of real-time mic effects that will let you tune your voice based on your individual preferences. Out of the box, you'll be able to select preset filter profiles that match your own voice's unique tone and volume, or you can customize a filter using pro-grade effects such as a compressor, de-esser and de-popper.

According to Hamlinz, pro-gamer with TSM Fortnite, he was "blown away" by the way the headset's microphone sounded, adding that "They made a headset sound like a broadcast mic. That's just dope." Working off Logitech's previous headsets, the new offering has also had a significant design upgrade. Its lightweight design is made from aluminium and steel, and features soft memory foam earpads and a leatherette-wrapped headband, so it's both durable and comfortable, and perfect for long-haul competition gaming. The headset will hit select retailers this July, and retail for $130/£110.