Tinder Lite brings the dating app to countries with limited data

You don't need a premium phone or connection to find a partner.

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Tinder/Match Group
Tinder/Match Group

Tinder is finally ready to take the wraps off its lightweight dating app. The company has formally unveiled Tinder Lite for Android, a version of the service designed for areas with limited data and lower-cost phones. It still has the familiar swipe-based matching, chats, "super likes" and paid features like seeing everyone who has liked you. For the most part, it's just a leaner app that should perform better in less-than-ideal conditions.

Right now, the main restriction is simply that you can't currently pgrade to Tinder Plus or Gold from within the app. Your existing account will carry over -- you'll just have to start with the regular app if you're determined to find that special someone on your terms.

The app is available to pre-register now, but you may be waiting a while to try it. It debuts in Vietnam in the "coming weeks," and the initial wave of rollouts will focus on parts of Southeast Asia and South America. Like Spotify Lite and other streamlined apps, there's no real urge to release it in countries where LTE is bountiful and high-end phones are ubiquitous. This is about extending the reach of the service to people who'd either consider alternative apps or find dates the old-fashioned way.

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