Apple's latest 'For All Mankind' trailer explains the show's origins

It's about the optimistic culture behind the space race.

Apple knows the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 is right around the corner, and it's using that as an opportunity to offer a new trailer sharing more about the origins of its alternate history Apple TV+ show For All Mankind. Co-creator Ron Moore, executive producer Maril Davis and advisor Michael Okuda note that they wanted to tap into the "optimistic future" the Apollo program (and the space race at large) promised. It's about tapping into that desire for humanity to "take its place in the universe," and celebrating an era when astronauts held an almost mythic status.

In an accompanying Collider interview, Moore mentioned growing up with the Apollo program as a factor, and that this season (there's no confirmation of a second) will include 10 hour-long episodes.

The new clip only offers a sliver of new footage of the series. It does, however, emphasize the pursuit of realism where possible. Although this may be a science fiction show, the team is still aiming for plausibility. At this point, our largest questions surround when you can actually watch For All Mankind besides sometime in the fall -- that will likely have to wait until Apple is ready to set a launch date for TV+ itself.