Engadget’s guide to all the outdoor gear you need this summer

Gear and gadgets and more for the trail, backyard and beyond.

If you're reading this at a desk, take a moment to stand up and locate your nearest window. You might see a street, a garden or even some fields. Whatever your current view, you are peering at the edge of the great outdoors, and adventure is beckoning. But this is Engadget, and we believe there aren't many things in life that a sprinkling of gear can't improve -- and that includes the time you typically reserve to escape a screen (ironic, we know).

Whether your idea of outdoor paradise is a leisurely afternoon entertaining in your backyard, running a marathon or a dose of high-adrenaline sports, over this week, we'll have some gear recommendations to ratchet it up a notch. If you really want to escape, we will even show you how technology can help you live in nature full-time (and still keep your job) and what to pack should (natural) disaster strike. For those who just want to enjoy the ride between their house and work, we have some treats for you, too. The water and sunscreen, though? That's on you.