Facebook hires former Vine head for its New Product Experimentation Team

Jason Toff will help build Facebook’s ‘entirely new experiences.’

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Derick Hudson via Getty Images
Derick Hudson via Getty Images

Former Vine boss Jason Toff announced he'll be joining Facebook next. In a Twitter post, Toff shared that he'll be leading Facebook's New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team. Revealed last week, the NPE Team will focus on "entirely new experiences for building community," and the high-profile hire could be promising.

Toff left Vine in 2016 (about one year before it shut down for good) to join Google. There, he worked on VR projects and in Google's Area 120 incubator. He's also spent time working at YouTube. As The Verge notes, Toff's background could make him a natural fit for whatever new apps and experiences Facebook is hoping to roll out.

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