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Take a virtual peek at what future Hyperloop stations could look like

Netherland's Delft University of Technology has created a VR experience featuring its Hyperloop pod.

It'll likely take a while before a Hyperloop network can take passengers to their destinations, but a team competing at the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition is giving people a glimpse of what that could look like. A team from the Netherland's Delft University of Technology is debuting a panoramic virtual reality experience of its Atlas 02 pod at the SpaceX headquarters in California ahead of next week's competition.

It teamed up with CG/interactive technology company INDG and graphics studio AltSpace (not the same company as AltSpaceVR, which Microsoft acquired late last year) to create the 3D experience. The finished product shows the pod's exterior and interior design, as well as the team's vision of what a Hyperloop station could look like, complete with infographic screens and navigational signage.

The Delft University team won first place in 2017 when it first entered the competition. This year, its third time entering the contest, its pod design will have to achieve the fastest speed among the 20 entries when it's tested in SpaceX's fully enclosed 1.25 km test track. The actual pods and station likely won't use as much wood as their virtual versions, but you can check out a preview of the virtual reality experience below: