Apple previews its 'Peanuts' series 'Snoopy in Space'

Charlie Brown and crew reach Apple TV+ this fall.

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Apple isn't just using the Apollo 11 anniversary to hype up its live action shows. The tech giant has offered an early look at its Apple TV+ Peanuts cartoons with a short trailer for "Snoopy in Space." The clip underscores Snoopy's usual hijinks (much to the chagrin of Charlie Brown), but it gives you an idea of what to expect. The title will have Charlie and crew visit NASA, where Snoopy and Woodstock have been chosen for a mission.

The animated show is due to premiere sometime in the fall, possibly alongside Apple TV+ itself. While it was already evident that Apple will have a fairly diverse catalog of shows, this and other peeks hint that the company doesn't intend to make you wait long for many (if any) of its announced initial titles. You might only find yourself scrounging for new material until significantly after the debut.

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