YouTube TV will carry PBS and PBS Kids

PBS and its member stations will stream content beginning sometime this year.

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PBS and PBS Kids are coming to YouTube TV. Beginning sometime this year, PBS member stations who choose to participate will have their programming streamed on YouTube TV's live TV and on-demand subscription service. The move will bring both educational and local TV to the platform, and it marks the first time PBS has partnered with a streaming service in this way.

In a press release, PBS said this partnership is an important step toward expanding its digital footprint. "Our goal is to reach as many Americans as possible with content that educates, inspires and entertains," said PBS Chief Digital and Marketing Officer Ira Rubenstein. "As a broadcaster that is rooted in communities, we appreciate YouTube's commitment to local content, and we are pleased that this service provides audiences with access to programming that is produced and distributed by our member stations."

Sharing PBS content on a streaming platform makes sense, especially since PBS gets much of its funding from the federal Corporation for Public Broadcasting and is intended to be a free station. The partnership could come in handy when PBS drops documentaries like The Facebook Dilemma, and it might appeal to the curious types who are already tuning into the Discovery channels available on YouTube TV. Of course, you'll have to pay the $50 per month it now costs to subscribe to the service.

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