Watch PBS’ documentary on Facebook’s woes tonight

The two-part 'Frontline' series concludes Tuesday.

PBS is airing a two-part Frontline documentary on Facebook Monday and Tuesday, centered around the company's undeniably enormous impact on democracy and privacy around the world. The trailer for The Facebook Dilemma suggests it addresses issues such as CEO Mark Zuckerberg's near-total control of the company, data collection practices, ad targeting, the Arab Spring, the political weaponization of the platform and how Facebook embedded its staff with political campaign teams.

The timely series is airing just one week ahead of midterm elections in the US, perhaps to underscore just how influential the social network is in the democratic process these days. At the very least, it promises to be a compelling retrospective on how Facebook, and society as a whole, got to this point. The first part of The Facebook Dilemma airs at 9PM ET Monday and it concludes Tuesday at 10PM (though you should check local listings for your own PBS station).