Hulu's live TV service is coming to Android TV

Life will be a little bit easier for cord cutters starting in August.

You don't have to make do with on-demand video if you watch Hulu on an Android TV device. Hulu is rolling out support for its Live TV service to Google-powered devices in early August, including TV sets from Sony and Hisense as well as set-tops like NVIDIA's Shield and Xiaomi's Mi Box. You'll also get Hulu's latest interface as part of the launch.

You'll only need to have the latest version of the Hulu app to see the changes.

This is arguably overdue. Hulu's live TV has been available on other platforms for a long time, including most other media players, some smart TVs, desktops and consoles. Android TV isn't the largest platform, but it has a sizeable base thanks in no small part to Sony's support. Those users now don't have to subscribe to another service, use another device or otherwise jump through hoops just to get an internet-only live TV package.

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