Apple Card customer agreement: use two-factor, no jailbreaking

And no buying Bitcoin.

As the debut of Apple's "new kind of credit card" draws closer, partner Goldman Sachs has published the official customer agreement (PDF) on its website. The Apple Card terms are pretty standard -- similar to some other cards, purchasing any kind of "cash equivalent" like cryptocurrency is prohibited -- but there are some specific items.

Apple Card

That you'll need an Apple ID is pretty obvious, and it requires that you enable two-factor authentication. Also, modifying your Apple device or jailbreaking it could make it ineligible to access your card account, and without a qualifying device, they may close your account. We've covered most of the things you might have questions about, but if you're eager to start earning its cash back rewards when the card launches later this month, take a minute and figure out how the minimum payment is calculated first.

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