Apple Card rolls out in the US this August

It's all about that titanium credit card, isn't it?

The rumors of an imminent Apple Card launch were on the mark. As part of Apple's latest earnings call, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the iPhone-centric credit card will be available in the US sometime in August. He didn't provide a specific date or other launch details, although Apple has already explained a fair amount about it -- you sign up for the card from an iPhone, and can use it either through Apple Pay or through a flashy titanium card that will be mailed to you for free within a few days.

Goldman Sachs, the company powering the card, has previously talked about expanding to other countries following the US debut.

The hooks, apart from the tight iPhone integration, are the lack of late fees combined with a cashback program that offers extra rewards for Apple purchases and daily cash deposits you can use far more quickly. While it doesn't always compare favorably to other cards (you can get higher general cashback rates in a few cases), Apple is betting that the ease of use and flexibility will win people over.