'No Man's Sky VR' arrives August 14th with 'Beyond' update

It'll add more social features and greatly expand the multiplayer experience.

No Man's Sky has won over many players after its rough launch, thanks in large part to a string of major updates that brought long-awaited features to the game. The next big release, No Man's Sky: Beyond, was revealed several months ago, and now Hello Games says it'll be available August 14th.

It includes several big updates, including support for PSVR and other virtual reality headsets. That'll let you experience all parts of the game in VR. Beyond will also greatly expand the social and multiplayer options, helping you meet and play with other people. Though No Man's Sky is adopting some MMO-style gameplay, it won't ask you to shell out for a subscription or microtransactions -- the update is free for all players across PC, PS4 and Xbox One.