Google Fit now tracks your sleep patterns

There's also a dark mode for the end of the day.

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Google Fit should now be that much more helpful when you're ramping down for the night. The fitness app now tracks sleep patterns from apps that share their data, giving you better sense of whether or not you need more shut-eye. You can add to and edit your sleep history if companion apps aren't providing a complete picture of your downtime. Accordingly, there's a new dark theme (in keeping with Google's recent trends) that should be kinder to your eyes at night.

There is an improvement that can help your daytime activities. Fit users on iOS now get route maps for their walks and bike rides, much like their Android counterparts do. This includes workouts tracked through smartwatches and linked mobile apps.

The updates are rolling out over the course of the next week. They're simple additions, but they should help Google Fit provide a more holistic view of your fitness that extends well beyond your gym sessions and morning runs.

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