Some AT&T unlimited subscribers will get Spotify Premium for free

Others may be eligible for a free six-month trial.

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Timothy Hiatt via Getty Images
Timothy Hiatt via Getty Images

AT&T is adding a new streaming option to its Unlimited & More Premium wireless plan: Spotify Premium. AT&T customers with the Unlimited & More Premium plan are now eligible for Spotify Premium at no additional charge. Other select AT&T customers can sign up for a six-month free trial of the streaming service, after which they'll be able to purchase a Spotify Premium plan for $9.99 per month.

Spotify already has 100 million Premium subscribers, and it's growing quickly. In the last three months, it added 8 million paying customers. It's been focusing more heavily on podcasts, and it recently added CarPlay support. Teaming up with AT&T, which has 77 million wireless subscribers of its own, could give Spotify another boost.

The partnership is similar to the collaboration between Verizon and Apple Music. Last summer, Verizon bundled a six-month Apple Music trial with its unlimited plans. It went well enough that Verizon now includes Apple Music in its top-tier unlimited plans.

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