'NBA 2K20' will include every WNBA team with full rosters

It'll have thousands of new animations tailored to the women's game.

2K Games has offered some more details on how the WNBA fits into NBA 2K20 when the league joins the long-running series of games for the first time. All 12 WNBA teams will be included, while more than 140 players will make their NBA 2K debuts.

"Just like my counterparts in the NBA, I grew up playing NBA 2K," Los Angeles Sparks forward Candace Parker said in a statement. "After getting myself scanned and integrated into NBA 2K20 earlier this summer, I was amazed at how 2K is able to replicate women's basketball at such a realistic level. You can tell they are taking the time to capture the essence of the WNBA and have created an immersive experience that all fans of basketball will love."

On the gameplay front, WNBA teams and players will be available in the Play Now and Season modes. NBA 2K20 also includes thousands of animations, play styles and visuals tailored to the women's game.

"In many ways, we felt like we were building a basketball game from the ground up. But even as a first year effort, we were able to build a huge content library," the development team wrote in a blog post. "You can look forward to thousands of new animations from jump shots, layups, dribble moves, in-air and on ground collisions, motion, free throws, celebrations and more. We also spent a great deal of time developing specific AI, playbooks and defensive schemes for each WNBA team to accurately portray their real-life styles."

You won't have to wait much longer if you want to play NBA 2K20 with a WNBA team. The game arrives September 6th.

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