Build the PC of your dreams... on PS4, Xbox and Switch

Steam hit “PC Building Simulator” makes the jump to consoles today.

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The Irregular Corporation
The Irregular Corporation

PC Building Simulator, a game in which players can create monster PC gaming rigs, is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Before you start asking too many questions about the cognitive dissonance of building a virtual PC on a console, know that PC Building Simulator isn't just a game about building PCs.

It also features a full-fledged story mode in which you, the player, take over your uncle's repair shop. Think: Stardew Valley, but with a PC repair shop instead of a farm, and altogether less bucolic. It's a classic started from the bottom tale in which one of the first tasks the player must complete is to clean a dusty computer for a client. Before long, the story escalates to the player building the kind of custom PCs that high-profile Twitch Mixer steamers like Ninja use everyday.

Of course, there's also a free mode where it's possible to build the PC of your dreams. Here, it's possible to let one's imagination run wild as PC Building Simulator includes officially licensed parts from the likes of case makers like NZXT and GPU OEMs like EVGA.

PC Building Simulator started life on, a website where indie developers can share their passion projects and game jam experiments for free. It then graduated to Steam's Early Access platform where it has garnered both popular acclaim and financial success, garnering more than 700,000 downloads since launch.

PC Building Simulator is now available on the PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store and Nintendo eShop for $20.

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