'Travis Strikes Again' comes to PC and PS4 on October 17th

The 'No More Heroes' title won't be a Switch exclusive for much longer.

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Grasshoper Manufacture/Marvelous Inc.
Grasshoper Manufacture/Marvelous Inc.

You won't have to own a Switch to play a modern take on the No More Heroes universe. Suda51's Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition is now slated to launch on PC (via Steam) and PS4 October 17th. The expanded title includes both the core top-down perspective game as well as its Black Dandelion and Bubblegum Fatale add-ons. Naturally, you can expect the over-the-top slasher to take advantage of the extra horsepower afforded by both systems.

This isn't the full-fledged No More Heroes III. That will have to wait until 2020. Considering that the last console game in the series arrived on the Wii nine years ago, though, this could scratch the itch if you've been craving something new in the series. For that matter, it could be a gentler introduction to No More Heroes' ridiculous universe if you've never played the first two games in the franchise.

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