HyperX just made its Cloud Alpha gaming headset even better

The HyperX Cloud Alpha S adds a bass slider and virtual surround sound.

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HyperX's Cloud Alpha has proved itself to offer excellent bang for your buck since its release in 2017. However, there's now a new version which takes the excellent sound quality from its predecessor and adds some more controls for audiophiles.

Announced at Gamescom in Cologne, the new Cloud Alpha S introduces features like bass adjustment sliders and virtual surround sound. There's a new slider added to the left ear cup so you can fine-tune the bass response on the fly. Plus there's 7.1 surround sound which has been custom tuned to be more immersive.

We love the original Cloud Alpha for its comfort, affordable price and incredible sound. The new Cloud Alpha S keeps the dual chamber design from previous models which creates a more dynamic sound which can produce rich bass and hit highs without distortion. It also has the same memory foam ear cushions and solid aluminum frame which made the headset robust enough to take a beating.

The new model "gives gamers precise sound and intuitive control features to enjoy fully immersive soundscapes," according to a HyperX representative.

The previous model was a bargain at under $100. The updated headset will cost a little more, but for the extra features it comes with, it might be worth shelling out for. The Cloud Alpha S goes on sale in September for $129.99.

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