Apple Music's latest playlist suggests new tracks every day

The curated playlist features music from around the world.

Apple Music may be playing catchup to Spotify, but it's still growing rapidly. From today Apple has a new way to appeal to music fans: a daily updating curated playlist called New Music Daily.

Apple describes it as "the playlist that never sleeps, updated every day with new music you simply can't miss." The constantly updating nature of the playlist is bound to draw in music fans who are always looking for something new.

The lead single for the first Daily playlist is Taylor Swift's latest release The Man, from her new album Lover. Other picks for the inaugural playlist include Missy Elliott, Sturgill Simpson, Lana Del Ray and Summer Walker.

New Music Daily is Apple Music's answer to Spotify's popular Discover Weekly and other algorithmically generated daily playlists. Spotify debuted Daily Mixes in 2016, and went a step further in June with a mix of news and music in Your Daily Drive. Apple Music already offers a Friends Mix which is based on the listening habits of your social circle and Shazam's Discovery Top 50 for showcasing emerging artists, but the New Music playlist will draw from more global inspiration, featuring music "from across the world and across genres".

If you're an Apple Music user you can add the playlist to your library and it'll automatically update with new music each day.

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