Spotify's latest playlist combines music and news for your commute

"Your Daily Drive" is now available for users in the US.

It's no secret Spotify wants to know more about what you do in your car, and today the company is officially debuting a new playlist for your commute. "Your Daily Drive" is the first playlist on the service to combine podcasts and music, with the goal of pairing "the very best of news talk shows, including the relevancy and personality of the hosts, with the best of audio streaming." If it sounds familiar, news of the feature broke in early May, but it was clear the tool was still in its early stages at the time.

Spotify promises "a personalized audio feed that blends music and news in one place for the perfect commute experience." At the start, that includes short-form news updates from The Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI (Public Radio International). The newsy clips range from less than 10 minutes to full 30-minute episodes. Podcast-like segments will be woven in with music from your favorite artists and new acts you haven't found yet. Spotify says Your Daily Drive will be updated throughout the day to keep things current. It also explains the ultimate goal here is to keep you from having to flip between stations on the radio or your phone.

Spotify has done well with its personalized playlists in the past. Discover Weekly quickly became a popular option on the service, and it followed up with Release Radar to keep you up to speed on new music. The company also offers a collection of Daily Mixes that are organized by genre and based on your listening habits.

Your Daily Drive is available starting today for Spotify users in the US.