KFC is testing Beyond Meat 'chicken' in an Atlanta restaurant

It's finger lickin' ecologically responsible.

Plant-based meat substitutes may soon be an option for fast food chicken. CNBC reports that KFC will start testing Beyond Fried Chicken at an Atlanta restaurant on August 27th. Yes, you could grab a bucket of chicken without feeling quite so guilty -- or greasy, if Beyond Meat's earlier work is any indication. Whether or not availability grows will depend on feedback, but other restaurant chains (such as Del Taco) have seen upticks in demand since adding meat substitutes.

KFC had acknowledged talking to suppliers months ago to investigate meatless chicken, but didn't have any definitive plans until now.

This could mark a triumphant return for Beyond Meat's chicken efforts. It pulled its meatless chicken from grocery stores earlier in 2019 after deciding it didn't meet the company's standards. Clearly, it's ready to jump back into the fray. That could be particularly important as rivals like Impossible Foods expand into other forms of meat replacements. If Beyond doesn't make headway in a given food category, others will be happy to take its place.

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