Beyond Meat comes to Subway in the form of a meatball

Eat fresh without eating real meat.

Beyond Meat didn't take long to respond to Impossible Foods' Burger King deal. Subway has announced that it will test a sub with plant-based meat, the Beyond Meatball Marinara, in 685 North American restaurants this September. It's far from vegan when it includes parmesan and provolone cheese, but it should hit the spot if you're only looking for a meat substitute -- a 6-inch sub will include a hefty 24g of protein.

There's no mention of whether or not the Beyond Meat-based sub will carry a premium over its regular counterparts.

In many ways, this is just the latest phase of a rapidly growing market for plant-based meat substitutes. Now that Beyond and Impossible burgers are increasingly commonplace, the companies are expanding into other categories where their meat-alikes might work, whether it's meatballs, pizza or sausage. It may just be a question of choosing the meat replacement that tickles your fancy, rather than scrambling to find one in the first place.