'Mr. Mom' is the first Walmart Vudu original

Walmart has released a trailer for its upcoming comedy series, which will premiere on September 12th.

Walmart's Vudu streaming service has released the first trailer for Mr. Mom -- its modern adaptation of the 1983 film starring Michael Keaton. Vudu announced its team-up with MGM to develop original family-friendly shows for the platform last year, and Mr. Mom is the first title to come out of that partnership. The 11-episode comedy follows the story of a couple who switches places: Greg quits work to take care of the kids after former stay-at-home mom Megan lands her dream job.

In a modern-day twist, Greg has to juggle his parenting duties with launching a start-up called Pizzamail, while Megan has to navigate a work environment tailored for millennial employees. The series will premiere on September 12th, and each episode will only take up 12 to 15 minutes of your time. It sounds like a light-hearted story that would suit its short-episode format perfectly -- the kind you can watch when you have very limited free time or just need something to cleanse your palate after an emotionally heavy TV show.

You can watch the show's trailer right here:

Vudu revealed more about its upcoming originals in a presentation earlier this year, including ones with interactive content. One of the shows lined up for the service is a sci-fi detective series entitled Albedo starring Evangeline Lilly. It will also serve as home to reality shows like Queen Latifah's travel-focused Friends in Strange Places and the first three episodes of Blues Clues & You.