Can this year's new Kindle compete with the Paperwhite?

Does Amazon’s low-end e-reader hold up against the higher-priced alternative?

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Can this year's new Kindle compete with the Paperwhite?

This year's Kindle refresh gave Managing Editor James Trew a lot to like, including an illuminated display and a smaller design with smoother edges. Although the 2019 Kindle has only a single storage option and its recessed display tends to attract dirt, the improved contrast and touchscreen, as well as added Audible support, impressed James enough to earn it a solid score of 91. However, he noted that going ad-free bumped the price up to within $20 of the Paperwhite, which has more storage and waterproofing.

If you own an "All-new" Kindle, do you agree with James' assessment of the design? Did you also have an issue with dirt and grime? How did you like the E-Ink Carta 1.2 panel? What convinced you to buy a standard Kindle over the Paperwhite? Tell us all of this and more in a user review on our product page for the 2019 Kindle! Remember, if you leave a written review, you may see it featured in an upcoming review roundup. And, if you're pressed for time, you can always just leave a score.

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